Canadian Sports Betting

While some countries in the world have relatively simple regulations when it comes to the gambling, and especially sports betting games, Canada is not one of those countries. Canadian federal government has issued several regulations that touch upon the issue of sports betting. However, the biggest problem is the fact that each provincial government has also jurisdiction over this issue and they have also issued many regulations covering the same issue.

The Legality

In Canada, sports betting is illegal unless it is offered by the provincial government. Because of that, many provincial governments have provided their own offers for sports betting as they realized that could be a very good business idea. In that case, it is completely legal for the residents of those Canadian provinces to place bets on a different range of sports events. However, even that legal sports betting option is very much different than in other countries around the world.

In Canada, legal sports betting does not feature the same choice as the sportsbook might in some other countries. In the case of Canadian sports betting, margins are much wider than it is the case in some other countries and because of that, the value for the money a person is betting is not the premium. Besides that, Canadian authorities have also made single bets illegal in the entire country which means that only parlays that feature two or more selections are available for Canadians who want to place bets on sports events.

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Betting Offshore

While sports betting is illegal in Canada, unless provided by the provincial governments, the offshore sports betting is allowed. However, in that case, Canadians are facing other problems and those problems are mostly related to the deposits. In many cases, those offshore sports betting sportsbooks would provide different deposit funds. However, it is often happening that the deposit is not accepted even though a person is using a method from the list.

In that case, either banks or credit card companies are actually refusing to make the payment for offshore sports betting. Similar problems are happening with the withdrawal of funds as sports betting is illegal in the country and it is very complicated to legality justify the income from betting offshore. Some offshore online sports betting providers are featuring options specially developed for Canadians as they have become the biggest users of offshore online sports betting.

All the laws that regulated the issue of online sports betting in Canada are also applied in the country's capital city, Ottawa. Ottawa's sports betting is also provided by the provincial government and it is also regulated in the same way as in other provinces in the entire country. Considering that different provinces in Canada might have different laws and regulations about the sports betting, a person needs to be aware of those regulations in order not to break any of those laws.

Besides that, bettors from Canada also need to be able when they are choosing the deposit method for offshore betting as it is quite possible that some banks might not issue permission for that kind of payment. Because of that, the best option for Canadian bettors is to go through a third-party site and in that case, they should not have any problems.