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This was an amazing opportunity to submit your unique ideal for the nicknames of brand new Ottawa’s CFL Football and NASL Soccer teams. If you were into the sports industry, and if you followed Canadian teams, there wes any better opportunity than this. This was once in a lifetime opportunity, where you could actually make the difference and leave your mark.

However, keep in mind that names including Renegades and RoughRiders could not be due to the expansion agreement with the CFL. On the other hand, you had numerous other options you could choose from. The objective of the campaign was to compile a list of unique nicknames for NASL Soccer and CFL Football franchise. The idea was to submit your ideas, the entire community could engage in this process.

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More About The Club

Jeff Hunt is one of the most prominent names in the sports industry in Canada. The Canadian businessman is the proud owner of the Canadian football club, the Ottawa Redblacks. Jeff Hunt is also the owner of the Ottawa 67’s that is a hockey club currently competing in the major Ontario Hockey League. Jeff Hunt was born on April 17, 1964, in Stephenville, Newfoundland.

Before coming into the sports industry, he introduced his carpet-cleaning company named Canway. Due to his business success in the fields, his company was listed in the major Profit Magazine 100 even seven times, which greatly speaks about Jeff’s business management skills and his devotion out there on the field.

a picture of sport teams owner Jeff Hunt

Jeff was born to Dorothy and Alexander Hunt. He has two siblings Sherly and Alex Hunt. During his teenage years, he was moving around his hometown Newfoundland for several years with his parents as his father was in the RCMP. He moved to Ottawa after attending the Memorial University of Newfoundland for one year. In Ottawa, Jeff was able to finally pursue his dreams and introduce his own company, a carpet-cleaning firm Canway back in 1984.

His company was more than successful out there in Canada, so several years back was able to improve his business. After being in the industry for thirteen years, his company grew to more than two hundred fifty locations in the U.S. and Canada. Back in 1997, Jeff decided to sell his company in order to devote to the sports industry. That same year, he bought the hockey club Ottawa 67s.

Jeff Hunt is the proud owner of both Ottawa 67s and Ottawa Redblacks. Both teams did an amazing job under Jeff’s ownership. In 1997, after purchasing the Ottawa 67s, Jeff decided to spend a staggering amount of money on marketing costs. His ultimate goal was to bring an NHL-calibre experience to the club. Two years later, he greatly succeeded when the team was the host of the major 1999 Memorial Cup tournament.

The team also didn’t disappoint as they went out there and won the Memorial Cup. He also had a major success as the owner of the Canadian football team Ottawa Redblacks. It is more than apparent Jeff knows the sports industry very well. The teams under his ownership were more than successful out there on the field as they brought home National Hockey League titles.

Game Rules

Naming the Football Team

There were certain rules you should follow when naming football team. First, you had to keep in mind that timely humor simply doesn’t age well. Avoiding humor references which could fade away in a couple of months since no one would be laughing on your name was necessary. Then, avoiding naming your team using names which are featuring references to NFL teams. On the other hand, using a player's name was fully encouraged. You could use any player’s name in order to make a successful team name.

Then, keep in mind that your name shouldn’t appear just anywhere in your football team name unless you want to call your team as Tommy’s Boys if you are Tommy. Another rule you had to keep in mind was alliteration. Alliteration is simply annoying, so avoiding third grinders in naming football team was necessary. Before you could choose a name, you had to make sure people understoodd the reference you used in the name. Other than these several tips, you could feel free to explore your creativity when choosing a name. Don't make possessives and plurals constrict your creative side.