Game Awards

The community game Name Our Teams also came with awards. If your suggestion was chosen, you wpuld be greatly awarded. Even if your suggestion wasn't chosen, you wpuld get an award for your involvement in the project. In order to suggest your unique name, you had to visit the website and read the requirements and rules for participation. Then email your suggestion and that was it, you were in! You also should write a couple of sentences explaining why did you choose that name. You had to write a nickname for both teams, Ottawa’s NASL Team and Ottawa’s CFL Team.

In order to submit your name and possibly get a nice award, you hade to leave your contact info. You had to provide the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Street Address
  • Province
  • City
  • Postal Code
  • Phone Number
  • Email

Tips for Choosing the Football Team Name

Before you suggested any football team name, you should follow some tips in order to come up with that perfect name. The first thing you had to keep in mind was to use a capital letter to start every word of the football team name. You simply had to respect the rules of punctuation in order to come up with the perfect name. Then, keep in mind that the name shouldn’t be related to any event which happened in the past four weeks simply because people won’t even remember those events after some time. You could use possessive’s as well which are wide open. For instance, a nice team name is The Deflatriots or The Deflator.

It was not proper to name your team just Deflatriots. You could use possessives as well. For instance, Tommy’s Boys sounds much better than just Tommy Boy. The same goes with Welker’s Texas Rangers. This name is much better when you use possessions since you are naming a team and not an individual. Another tip you should keep in mind when naming a team is to not be political. If you chose any political name, it could easily become meaningless by week two, and you simply don’t want that to happen. In addition, you had to keep in mind to never change your name in the middle of the season. When you choose your name, you just break it and buy it.

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It is the right time to be creative. Some very cool football team names include Amigos, Thunder, Lazers, Outkast, Team Avengers, En Fuego CF, Rush Hour, Hooligans FC and Terminators.

Some of the funniest names you can use may be Claustrophobic Mimes, Formerly In Shape Allstars, Black Pack, Chili Peppers, Team Awesome, Elemonators, Boop Berries and Barely Legal.

You can come up with a name similar to these cool names like Willian Dollar Baby, 50 Shades O’Shea, Lallana in Pyjamas and Beat Around Debuchy.

You May Use References from Television Show, Movies, Songs…

When it comes to naming football team, you may use references from popular songs, television shows, and movies. You may go with an obvious name like Cosmo Kramer. You may also go with some less-known name like Kramerica Industries. However, before you choose any reference make sure it will be understood at least by the half the league. You simply can’t be the only one laughing on the name. The following tip is to never underestimate the importance of a good avatar.

Perfect Strangers may be a good name. However, if you choose Perfect Strangers with an amazing picture, the name will easily become golden. Another thing you should keep in mind is to never name your team after already existing team. Naming your team like Seattle Seahawks or Dallas Cowboys is not a good option. Add some creativity and come up with an entirely original name.

At the end, it was up to you. Just you had to make sure you followed tips listed above and use your creativity in order to bring that perfect name for a football club which will stay remembered for years to come.